sluggo is a DJ for WHPK-FM in Chicago (and previously for WCBN-FM in Ann Arbor) and a system administrator for Playboy Enterprises.
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colin lives in Seattle where he likes long walks on the beach and listening to obscure music, sometimes simultaneously. Formerly a DJ at WCBN-FM in Ann Arbor, Michigan, posting to this blog is his pathetic way of recapturing that lost glory.
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sukho is an L.A.-based male humanoid earthling who is in a band called Seksu Roba. He operates the theremin and other instruments producing frequencies in the range generally known as “music”. He has many interests and pursuits — visual and aural mostly — quite often both simultaneously.
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ECC is The Evolution Control Committee, a longtime champion of good music through copyright violation. The ECC has heard the extremes, from high praise for releasing the first mash-up (The Whipped Cream Mixes) in the mid-1990s, to threats of suit for sampling ex–CBS anchorman Dan Rather (on “Rocked By Rape”). The ECC is still at work, forever recycling junk audio into collages of aural beauty.
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jake edits Roctober magazine, writes things, and helps facilitate the cable access dance show Chic-A-Go-Go.
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