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Subject: Notice of Copyright Infringement (Our Ref: 1548140)

Notice of Copyright Infringement (Our Ref: 1548140)

Recipient: (the “Website”)

Sender: Ms Sharan Ghuman
Manager, Rights Protection Unit
PRS for Music
2 Pancras Square
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 20 3741 4743


RE: Infringement of Copyright
I am the Manager, Rights Protection Unit at PRS for Music.  PRS for Music is the operating company for UK music industry collecting societies, Performing Right Society Limited (PRS) and Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society Limited (MCPS).  The membership of PRS and MCPS consists of songwriters, composers and music publishers.  Through PRS for Music, PRS and MCPS license organisations to reproduce, play, perform and make available musical works, and the associated lyrics, on behalf of their members and their affiliated overseas societies.  I am authorised to act on behalf of PRS for Music, PRS and MCPS.
PRS for Music licenses, manages and controls, inter alia, the right of communication to the public and/or the right of reproduction in the following copyright work(s) (the “Work(s)”):

It has come to my attention that the Website is consistently providing access to Work(s) as well as other copyright content.  It is my good faith belief that the use of the Work(s) in this manner is not authorised and therefore amounts to infringement of copyright owned or controlled by PRS and/or MCPS.

Infringement(s) of the Work(s) (the “Infringement(s)”) can be located at the following URL(s):
Without prejudice to our contention that you are already well aware of the extensive copyright infringements taking place through or facilitated by the Website, this letter puts you on unequivocally clear notice of the Infringement(s) and clear notice of facts and circumstances in which illegal activities are apparent.    

Under penalty of perjury, I swear that the information in this notice is both true and accurate and I require you to take immediate action to ensure that the Website does not further infringe copyright in the Work(s).  I also require you to remove, block or disable access to the Infringement(s) as a matter of urgency.

Should you wish to legitimise your service, please contact me for licensing information.   

All rights of PRS for Music, PRS, MCPS and its members are expressly reserved.

Sharan Ghuman
Manager, Rights Protection Unit
PRS for Music

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