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Unknown Mystery Tape Recordings

[old WCBN logo] I recorded these two unknown tracks on tape decades ago from a local college radio station, WCBN-FM, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I’ve saved them this whole time, never figuring out who or when these were originally made.  They both consist of well-arranged samples from different sources – old sci-fi movies, Janis Joplin screaming, an old radio or TV ad, opera music, etc…  This is the kind of sampling I fell in love with early in my days of discovering non-mainstream music: No cheesy dance or hip hop beats, just pure dada-esque collage that keeps you hooked and wanting to listen to it again and again. If you can identify the artist or provide any information – please do!

Unknown Song 1

Unknown Song 2

[...] The Button Podcast for December 3, 2008 Transmitter still down. Started with these mystery tapes, then had a little fun with WRUW’s new turntables (they go 78 RPM+20%, backwards! I wish we’d had [...]