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Threepenny Opera update

Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 13:52:03 -0500
Subject: Dinosaur Gardens / Threepenny Opera
From: Jeremy Meyers <jeremy.meyers@sonybmg.com>
To: <sluggo@unknown.nu>


Although we appreciate your enthusiasm for the Threepenny Opera recording posted at http://www.dinosaurgardens.com/archives/180, we must ask that you remove the full-length mp3 files immediately.

We have definitely taken note of the interest from both you and the people commenting on your site, and will be discussing it internally. I will keep you in the loop if any decisions are made regarding the re-release of this material.

Thanks for your quick cooperation on this.


Jeremy Meyers
Manager, Digital Sales and Editorial
CMG Digital Group / SonyBMG Masterworks
550 Madison Avenue #1622, NYC 10022
e: jeremy.meyers@sonybmg.com
ms: http://www.myspace.com/sonybmgmasterworks

[...] Update January 22, 2007: MP3s removed per request of BMG Classical. [...]

[...] Posted by seanmascot on January 24, 2008 I recently stumbled across a wonderful site called Dinosaur Gardens which has many ridiculously obscure recordings, many of which happen to be really good.  One of the many obscure OUT-OF-PRINT albums on there was the Threepenny Opera by the New York Shakespeare Festival.  It’s a good, if very bizarre soundtrack which, if not for DG I would never have heard, or even heard about.  Recently, however, the site has been made to take the MP3’s down by the label of the recordings.  This just seems stupid.  It’s giving people a chance to hear something they wouldn’t usually get the chance to, and the label doesn’t lose any money due to the fact that they don’t even have it in print!  So they don’t have it on sale, and they don’t want anybody to hear it!  Of course, they’ve then written in their reasoning something about vague murmurings of the possibility of releasing it at some point.  But I bet it’s not massively forthcoming.  The actual post is HERE. [...]