Christopher Recordings on Sex Instruction

For our inaugural post, I’ve put up Christopher Recordings on Sex Instruction, an early-1950’s album for good Christian parents on how to properly teach their children about the mysteries of sex. Highlights include some of the worst adults-pretending-to-be-children acting of all time, and the stern warning against masturbation in track 3.

There’s a semi-interesting story behind these files. I originally made them in 1997 from my copy of the album, a collection of four 78 RPM 10-inches (it was also issued on LP). I then posted them to the newsgroup alt.binaries.sounds.mp3, the best way to trade MP3s in those pre-Napster days. Not long after that, I moved and put most of my records in storage (this will be a recurring theme, I’m afraid). A couple years ago, I wanted to play some of these on my radio show, but the records were packed away and I couldn’t find the MP3s on any of my backups. I did a search, without much hope, on WinMX, and to my surprise I found them all. After downloading them and looking at the tags, I realized these were the exact ones I had encoded and posted years earlier — they had been bouncing around the various P2P networks all these years.

  1. How Babies Are Made
  2. Girls and Menstruation
  3. The Problems of Growing Boys
  4. The Marriage Union

3 thoughts on “Christopher Recordings on Sex Instruction”

  1. thank you!
    i’ve been wanting to hear more ever since i heard ed special on wcbn play the problems with growing boys aeons ago. i heard it sampled or used more recently, forget where…

  2. How about THE ECC! Yes, you probably heard it re-used in our Sex Re-Education track… find a sample here.

    This likely means that the source for the track was the MP3 you encoded, good sir. Thanks much for that!

    – TradeMark G.

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