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[Panel from Nanonuts]Nanonuts is a rather odd comic I found several years ago at Quimby’s book/zine store in Chicago. It was all very mysterious, with no credits or contact information (there were a couple URLs, but they were for straightforward sites about nanotechnology and apparently had nothing to do with the book’s creators). And it was bound with yarn. Of course I had to have it — ”Šit combined two of my greatest loves, nightmarish surrealist deformities and Peanuts.

[Panel from Nanonuts]Luckily for me, I loved it so much that not only did I buy a copy, but I made at least two friends also buy copies. So when I lost my copy, I told Brakhage and he sent me a scan of his copy and saved me. And now I can post it here.

After reading about how this most unholy and glorious book of madness was purchased at Quimby’s, I did a little searching, and look what I found… http://quimbys.com/product_info.php/products_id/7581

Further research turned up this – http://www.poormojo.org/cgi-bin/gennie.pl?Rant+261+bi – which reveals the masterminds to be Bert Stabler and Mike Denlinger (only Bert is mentioned on the Quimby’s page).