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Cary Grant Sings FCC Regulations

[photo of Cary Grant]Here’s another fun one for you DJs out there: the FCC’s 1939 station identification regulations — as sung by Cary Grant.

This is from the second episode of the NBC radio show The Circle, broadcast on January 22, 1939. NBC assembled a top-drawer cast — Grant, Ronald Colman, Madeline Carroll, Carole Lombard, and Groucho and Chico Marx — and put together a show in a round-table format, where all the stars were members of some sort of club. Much to everyone’s surprise, the show almost immediately flopped, only lasting a few months.

Grant singing is inherently amusing — check out his performance as the Mock Turtle in the 1933 Alice in Wonderland — but having him sing FCC documentation with full orchestral accompaniment is another level altogether. Truly to be treasured.

I’ve posted just the song MP3 and also the entire show, which has some other entertaining moments, like a routine where Chico owes Groucho money.

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Long before the MasterSingers chanted the Highway Code and the Weather Forecast…. Long before the King’s Singers chanted BBC radio frequency changes…. In 1939, Cary Grant chanted the FCC’s station identification regulations on the star-studded NB…

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[...] Cary Grant Sings FCC Regulations A 1939 recording of Cary Grant’s vocal performance of the FCC’s station identification rules. (tags: FCC radio history weird) [...]

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